Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Select Interior Paint Colors

How to Select Color for your Walls?

With all the hardships going on in the world today, a little distraction that isn't too costly seems like a good idea to help perk up my environment and lift the mood.

I've decided to pick paint colors for my house!
The interior of the whole house is a "builder's white" color. Not only did they paint my house all one color, but the trim, molding, baseboards, everything in every room is the same color. It feels very institutional. I'm sure for the right room and place, this color scheme might work, but for me it feels..well..sterile..anitbacterial...void of life of any kind.

I've brought home color chips from the paint store, magazines, paint company brochures, but still am really overwhelmed by all the choices. I know I need to decide on a color scheme, keeping in mind the whole flow from one room to the next. I also need to figure out what mood I want to create in each room (and for good measure, if it is Vastu and Feng Shui compliant!) Do I really care about the latest color trends, and updated colors? I decide that first I'll determine the color family for each room, then zero in on the exact shade, taking into account the trends, and what matches the items in that room. Sounds like a good plan...I think.


Here's what I recall from Vastu Shastra:

- Use red in areas used for socializing, dining, exercising, creating courage.
- Use orange in social areas, dining room, to stimulate happiness.
- Use yellow in restful areas, and areas that need concentration, and communication.
- Use green in areas used for good health, to create abundance, balance, harmony.
- Use Blue in areas to reduce pain, calm the nervous system.
- Use Violet in areas for meditation to soothe and calm the mind.
- Use White in any room for purifying and healing.

From this I take it that the stimulating colors are good in kitchen, dining, and living rooms. While the calming colors are good for bedrooms, study, and bathrooms. Vastu rules for color are not as strict as Feng Shui because the Vastu system believes colors work differently for each person. Colors are used as a remedy to bring the person's environment into balance. Bright, bold colors are used as accents, nothing that 'yells' at the occupants is recommended on the walls.

So where does my favourite color taupe fit in? I would say it is a neutral in the yellow family, and yellow/tan/taupe colors are the the ones suitable for most quadrants in Vastu (ie. NE, E, SE, S, SW)

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Here's what I recall from Feng Shui:

The Feng Shui system is much more strict based on which element is represented by the quadrant. Here's a summary:

1. NE : earth element: yellow, tan, earth colors, to make NE stronger, can add fire colors.
2. E: wood element: greens, browns
3. SE: wood element: greens, browns
4. S: fire element: red, yellow, orange
5. SW: earth: saffron color, yellowish orange, orange-brown, tans
6. W: metal element: white, silver, gold, metallic colors, can add earth colors
7. NW: metal element: silver, gold, metallic colors, do NOT add fire colors, can add earth colors
8. N: water element: blue, purple, black

So that gives me something to work with. I'll start looking in each room for color inspirations, and see how it goes with the above guidelines. If I get overwhelmed, I'll remember that you can't go wrong with all white in a house, it's not sterile, it's peaceful...

I'll reveal my color selections in future posts..stay tuned!

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