Friday, July 24, 2009

The Way of Vastu by Michael & Robin Mastro

"The Way of Vastu," by M. & R. Mastro

Is Feng Shui based on the ancient Vastu Shastra?

According to the book "The Way of Vastu," by the Mastro's, the answer is yes!

The authors, Michael and Robin Mastro are both consultants, teachers, and speakers on the subject of Vastu Shastra (which means Building Science.) In fact, Microsoft's first office building was built using Michael's consultation advice in which he used all the principles of directions, shape, and placement according to Vastu Shastra. I guess it worked for Microsoft since their business boomed after their first building was built!

The book is small, well illustrated, and easy to read quickly. The ideas about directions, and their effects on our prosperity, and how to remedy any deficiencies can quickly absorb you. This book gently suggests people to purchase the different remedies for any deficiencies as the Mastro's are owners of a company called Vastu Creations.

At first I though the book had the additional motive of marketing their own products, but decided to keep reading. I found that there were simple ideas listed very clearly that anyone can follow. Some of the ideas are really pertinent to Hindu traditions, and perhaps not everyone would be comfortable using them.

After reading the book, I took away a few very simple ideas for my home:

  • Try to keep the energy that comes from the East unblocked. The East is the rising sun direction, and it is good to allow the sun's morning rays into the home unobstructed.

  • The North direction should not contain large trees, or obstructions since it brings magnetic energy for prosperity.

  • Try to keep the center of the home open, uncluttered, and clean.

  • Rectangular or square mirrors are good, round ones should be avoided.

  • Try not to have too many windows and doors in the South

  • The West should be the direction for higher elevation, fewer windows and doors, and less open space.

The authors go on to list suggestions for color, placement of altars, and list many products that can increase prosperity. This is where I decided that a basic idea of balance in my house is what makes me happy. If I want to keep one or two items that bring me feelings of peace and good luck, then there is nothing wrong with that. If I don't believe that a gadget will work, then it just becomes a gimmick to me.

Having a home or office that follows the rules of Vastu is impossible for most of us. I think, for me, I will try to make sure I follow a common sense approach, use a few of the principles where I can, and hope for the best!

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  1. When we bought our current home, we had a choice of homes facing south east, south and north. My father adviced..."traditionally it is said that we should buy homes that face north". And so we did. It is interesting that you have mentioned about "North direction" bringing magnetic energy for prosperity.

  2. In fact, to invite prosperity into your environment, you can apply that concept to all your rooms inside the house as well. They say to keep the North and East areas of a room free of heavy or tall furniture. Place beautiful, light, airy pieces in the N and E of each room. The tall and heavy pieces go in the S and W areas. Try to keep the exact center of a room free of clutter.


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